segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

LPD New phase

From this date, I begin a new phase in my digital scrap.
With Mentoring Classes in SNP, from now on, I will be improving in quality and always seeking to do the QC in the kits that I offer to you. I thank all you who have followed me here and I invite you to continue with me because we're getting better.
To celebrate, I offer to you, the kit of foreclosure of classes, you can get it absolutely free in SNP.
And there's more, from the day August 4 , I will offers more items of the same kit, here on the blog, just for you.
Come with me, Come.
 click on image to be directed to the download
Here's a sample of what you can do with this kit.
Make use of your good taste, your creativity and your history, and your LO can get even better.
Goes there, download and enjoy enough.

A kiss in your heart.

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